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Snow Balls

Christmas 2007
I caught a ride to the D.C. beltway this week to do the holiday thing with the family. And as is so often the case, driving toward the metropolis on route 66, I started to get that desperate feeling of being flung into the maw of The Economy, Consumer of Souls and Destroyer of Worlds. Enormous office buildings tower over the highway, proudly displaying Lockheed-Martin, Silo Busters!, National Rifle Association, etc. Super-sized strip malls, super-sized vehicles, and the Christmas season merrily rung in by the sound of money changing hands.

And so I was proud of my family for finally (mostly) kicking the stuff-giving habit. A few things here and there, but mostly just charitable contributions and a shared meal. I think we’re learning. Sadly, my west-coast brother wasn’t there, so an appropriately-noduled snowman stood in for him. And did a pretty good job for a guy with polyester for brains.

The obligatory photo documentation is here.

Turkey Desecration Day

Thanksgiving 2007
Turkey Desecration Day 2007 has come and gone. While no actual turkeys were desecrated, it was definitely a good one. The rocking began shortly after noon when Papi and the Boy Wonder showed up, beers in hand, and continued until the wee hours of the morning. Over twelve hours of sustained eating, drinking, playing and dancing. The Sweet Pea shared her first Thanksgiving with us, much to the joy of all. Miss Ginger Beet made a surprise visit from the wild north land of Massachusetts. We had a flatfooting contest, a square dance, and guerrilla refrigerator art. It was a day about as well spent as any could be. Much love and thanks to all, and let’s do it again next year!

The full photo spread is here.


As promised, I bring you France. Not all of France, mind you — just the parts that we visited. In part to enhance my paltry language skills, and in part because turning thirty is a fine excuse for extravagant exploration in warmer climes, my lovely housemate and I escaped this month to the land of wine and cheese. And what fine wine and cheese it was. We started the adventure in Paris, visited friends in Lyon, and then spent a few fine days on the beach in Antibes and hiking near Cassis. We finished the trip of with a stop in Avignon. A whirlwind tour, as they say, but a good trip. I have done my best to roll my biological odometer with at least a modicum of style.

Spring Thaw

While I ordinarily encourage a certain aura of mystery around my doings, it has recently come to my attention that certain friends and family believe me to be dead. This is not, in fact, the case, although I have been taking more than my fair share of naps lately. It has also been, in most respects, a pretty full spring.
For starters, three extra mammals have moved into my house, for a staggering total of sixteen individual feet prowling about the house. That’s a lot of feet, but it’s a big house and we all get along fairly well. There has been a lot of magic in the yard over the last few months. One of the cool things about moving into the new house has been seeing what sorts of things the former residents thought about gardening. All sorts of colorful surprises at every turn. We’ve also taken to implanting some color of our own and tearing up a pretty sizable garden plot, currently encouraging the production of tomatoes, beans, peas, lettuce, carrots, melons, cucumbers, and an improbable number of dandelions. If dandelions were a cash crop, I could retire by now.
We’ve also been to France and back. More about that later…

Low Resolutions

It’s a bit past due, but for quite some time now I’ve had pictures of The Jugbusters posted from our New Year’s Eve gig at The Cellar, courtesy of Her Ladyship (who cleverly and studiously avoids camera time).
The gig was a great time, we were sloppy but energentic, and I got my New Year’s kiss. Funny how in my adulthood I seem to be making up for all of those New Year’s Eves of my youth spent reading alone in my room. But nice that I can say in all honesty that my life is generally better now than it’s ever been.
Oh — some of the pictures may appear to be a bit blurry. That’s not the fault of the camera nor the photographer. The truth is that we actually were that blurry. What can I say? The bar was being generous to us.