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Love and Festivus

Somehow I’ve spent a fairly amazing portion of the summer on the road without ever being on something that I would call “a vacation.” This past weekend, I packed off to Ohio for the wedding of Woody and Rachel. It was the sort of wedding to which I can actually relate — lots of do-it-yourself or have-friends-do-it-for-you sorts of things. My job was the installation and ignition of tiki torches, a job that I am proud to say I performed splendidly. The wedding itself was short and godless (both good things in my book), and the reception was all about the open bar and dancing (both also good things in my book.) This could lead only place — Feats of Strength. Any wedding reception that degenerates into shirtless wrestling between the groom and the guests must have at least a few things right.
So here’s to Rachel and Wood — may your marriage be as fun as your wedding. I can think of no better toast.