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by Edward Abbey

Joining the Gentry

Well, I’ve completed my ascent into the ranks of the Landed Gentry, and now own half an acre and a house in Blacksburg, Virginia. It’s kind of a strange feeling to stub my toe on some bricks only to discover that they’re my bricks, but I’m getting used to it. The new place is about as good as any I can imagine. I have a house, a haunted hot tub, a mini pond, a wood stove, and a very, very happy cat.
So, for those of you inclined to send me mail from time to time, you may now do so at 710 Burruss Drive, still in Blacksburg, VA, still in the 24060.
Unless you’re one of my creditors, in which case you might want to try somewhere else.

One More Diploma…

There are good weddings, and then there are the lame weddings. The lame weddings are the kind where everybody dresses up in uncomfortable clothes, files into a church that the bride and groom probably don’t actually attend more than three times a year, and then goes to a reception that (despite costing tens of thousands of dollars) isn’t actually very much fun. So they get drunk and gossip about each other until they feel like they’ve stayed long enough to slip out without being the object of the next wedding’s gossip.
And then there are the good weddings. In the good weddings, the ceremony is more than rote ritual, the attendees are terrificly proud to be there, and the reception is a sincere celebration of and with people who genuinely love spending time together. I am happy to say that the wedding I attended this weekend was the good kind. I offer my sincere gratitude and love to the newlyweds for making their event a special one. Congrats on earning your marriage diploma. And thanks for having the rest of us share in the love.