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Lazy Bones

In anticipation of the holiday season, my brilliant and beautiful accomplice and I made a harrowing trek this weekend through ice, snow, and a looming mass transit strike to visit my grandparents and New York City. We kept our tempers fairly cool while we missed our bus, nodded stoically as our flight got canceled, sat placidly in stopped traffic for about an hour, and barely got dejected at all as we got routed from Dulles into LaGuardia instead of Newark. I can confidently say that we both deserve some sort of medal of honor for our efforts.
Anyway, we eventually found ourselves at the Museum of Natural History in New York. I took a bunch of pictures of bones for my future drawing and painting enjoyment. Many thanks to my grandparents and my partner in crime for a nice (but brief) vacation. Any my thanks to the New York transit workers for delaying their strike until we got home…

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