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Go Forth
It’s been difficult for me to write a review for Go Forth. It’s kind of like when your girlfriend asks you if you like her new shoes — there really isn’t much that you can say without getting into trouble. You might love them, you might hate them, or you might be completely indifferent, but no matter what response you offer, it’s not quite going to capture the complexity of what you mean to say, just because you happen to be in love with the shoe’s wearer, and so any attempt at objectivity is doomed to be swaddled in layers of context. Except that Les Savy Fav aren’t technically my girlfriend, even though it sometimes feels like it.
All of which means to say that I’ve been obsessed by this band for a couple of years, so it’s difficult for me to say how good this album is. If I don’t like it, is it because my expectations have been set so high? If I love it, is it only because the album happens to be by my favorite band? You see the dilemma.
So, at the risk of having the new pair of shoes thrown in my face, I cautiously say that this album is pretty good. At times it’s great. Except maybe not quite as great as The Cat and the Cobra. Except that The Cat and the Cobra is so good that it makes me cry myself to sleep every night. And sometimes Go Forth does, too. Songs like “Reprobate’s Resume” and “Adopduction” make me think that I should cut my ears off and mail them to the band as some sort of offering. Except that I don’t know if the band would want them. And it would make my girlfriend mad, because then she couldn’t ask me about things like shoes. Not that she ever asks me about shoes, anyway. But some day she might.
Should you get this album? Yes, of course. Will you listen to it many times each day for several weeks? Yes, if your constitution is sturdy enough. Do I think those shoes make you look fat?
Sorry — I’m a bit busy listening to Go Forth right now. Ask me again later.

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