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Snow Balls

Christmas 2007
I caught a ride to the D.C. beltway this week to do the holiday thing with the family. And as is so often the case, driving toward the metropolis on route 66, I started to get that desperate feeling of being flung into the maw of The Economy, Consumer of Souls and Destroyer of Worlds. Enormous office buildings tower over the highway, proudly displaying Lockheed-Martin, Silo Busters!, National Rifle Association, etc. Super-sized strip malls, super-sized vehicles, and the Christmas season merrily rung in by the sound of money changing hands.

And so I was proud of my family for finally (mostly) kicking the stuff-giving habit. A few things here and there, but mostly just charitable contributions and a shared meal. I think we’re learning. Sadly, my west-coast brother wasn’t there, so an appropriately-noduled snowman stood in for him. And did a pretty good job for a guy with polyester for brains.

The obligatory photo documentation is here.

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