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Bees 2008
This was the big weekend — I went to North Carolina and picked up my bees. The installation was pretty quick and easy — I had the hives ready in advance, sprayed the bees down, popped open the package, set the queen in place, and dumped the ladies in. So much for the easy part. Now the hard part: managing them and keeping them healthy. Judging by the poop that’s collected on the outside of the hive, I’m afraid the girls have dysentery, hopefully just from the damp weather and travel stress. If it keeps up for a few days and they don’t clear it on their own, I’ll probably have to look into nosema treatment, which would be a bummer so early in the project.

I’ll check back with the girls in about a week to see if they’re still shitting the hive and to see how they’re getting on with their new queens. With any luck, I’ll be able to post photos of healthy brood in a couple of weeks. Anyway, the full photo spread is here.

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