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Take Offs And Landings

Take Offs And Landings
For a few weeks this summer, I was (along with everyone else with any imagination) scared shitless of flying. By nature of having a job and needing to do pesky things like pay my rent, a certain amount of air travel was nonetheless necessary. But all of the reason in the world couldn’t keep me from a bit of white-knuckled grasping of the airplane armrests.
And then I saw Rilo Kiley open for Superchunk at the Black Cat, and it was all made clear for me. Here were two bands, both of whom had a suspicious number of songs about fear of flying on their most recent albums. And my over-active imagination raced yet again. Did Rilo Kiley know about the terrorist activity in America when they wrote Take Offs And Landings? Were the concert promoters involved in some sort of vast rock-and-roll conspiracy when they booked a song like “Out On The Wing” with a song like “Plane Crash In C”? It certainly is suggestive, wouldn’t you say?
Oh, but about the album — the phrase “absolutely fucking brilliant” is one that comes to mind. One would truly need to have a heart of stone to have a suicidal vendetta against a country that could produce a band as sweet as Rilo Kiley. I propose that rather then dropping bombs on future terrorist states, we instead drop cassette singles of “Pictures of Success”. That should be enough to convince future terrorists not to blow up any more planes. Well, at least not until they made absolutely sure that no members of Rilo Kiley were on board.
As for me, I’m still walking everywhere from now on. Short of someone planting a sneaker bomb in my closet, I figure that’s pretty safe. Unfortunately, I’m planning a summer vacation to New Mexico, so I need to get started. Ciao.

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