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Moving On…

Times are a-changin’ for Old Man Viking. I’ve been accepted to the master’s program in Science and Technology Studies at Virginia Tech, and have quit my job and moved to Virginia. I’ll be starting classes in about a month, and have a new address:

308 Washington St. SE
Blacksburg, VA 24060.

I’m looking forward to a couple of years of richness of spirit and poverty of pocket. Many thanks to all of you who helped the event come about.
In other news, the lovely Cheesehead is back from her trip around the world, and promises to take up much of McViking’s time between his retirement and his re-introduction into education. This is the sort of thing that makes grouchy old McViking very, very happy.
Finally, this weekend saw not one, but two Les Savy Fav shows come through the area. DJ Phatty Snax and myself attended both, and some decent pictures were taken at the Black Cat in Washington, DC. The shows themeselves were, of course, positively flattening. The Apes opened both shows, and were also outrageous and fun. Thank goodness for ear plugs.

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