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Tomorrow We Will Run Faster

Tomorrow We Will Run Faster
One of my household Christmas gifts this year was a fondue pot. Fondue is a funny thing. It’s really nothing that you couldn’t do with a regular pot on a gas stove, the catch being that you would have to crowd chairs around the stove in order to eat, and fondue picnics would be entirely out of the question. Anyway, we gave the fondue thing a try for New Year’s Eve, and bought more cheese than should be legally permitted. And we melted it together with some other stuff, and came up with a thick cheese goop into which people could dip things.
Usually, I’m a Cheez Whiz sort of guy. Simple stuff. But every once and a while, something comes along that is complex without seeming like it’s trying too hard to be complex. I can’t tell good wine from swill, but I appreciate a tasty home-brewed beer. Given the choice between Cheez Whiz and Swiss fondue, I’d have to think about it. And given the choice between Sweep The Leg Johnny and straightforward three-chord punk, I’d have to think about it, too.
There is certainly no lack of complexity to the song writing. Long songs, lots of changes, punchy horns thrown in to change things up, all kinds of ebb and flow of tempo. All of that makes for an interesting album. But I’m not so convinced that it gets much beyond being interesting. There are few points at which I find myself tapping a toe or singing along. Plenty of points at which I say, “Hey, that’s kind of tricky,” but that’s not usually why I want to put on a piece of music.
So I dunno. If you were one of those people who went nuts over “math rock”, then Tomorrow We Will Run Faster might be just the album for you. If your favorite song is “I Wanna Be Sedated”, you’ll probably want to pass on this one. As for me, I have about another four pounds of cheese to consume before sundown.

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